Enrolment and Induction

Once you have completed the application process and accepted a place to study at the St. Martins Business School, there are a few things left to do. Two of these are enrolment and induction.


Enrolment is the process of formally enrolling you onto a course at the St. Martins Business School. You have already accepted your place on the course but enrolment is when we get everything ready for you to start studying. Generally, at enrolment we will check all of your information (contact details, personal details, emergency contact information, address etc.) and confirm the details of your studies.

Make sure you are able to attend to enroll when we ask you to, as this helps make the process as smooth as possible and reduces any delays or problems with your enrolment.

When you come to enroll, please ensure that you bring:

  • Proof of your address (bank statement, utility bill excluding mobile phone bills from the last 3 months or a driver’s license or rent agreement)
  • Proof of your identity (such as a passport and/or national ID card)
  • Student Finance Documentation - Specifically your Notification of Entitlement letter

Once you have completed enrolment, you are officially registered as a student with St. Martins Business School.


Induction is a programme of events and resources which have been put together by STMBS staff and the Student Guild to ensure all new and returning students have the information they need to succeed on their chosen course of study. The underlying philosophy of the education STMBS offers is that knowledge cannot be simply handed to someone; students have to take charge of their own learning and develop their own knowledge.

Induction is here to help you take charge. It's here to guarantee that students do not feel they have to struggle on their own.

Induction will give you a sense of connection to the academic community that is STMBS, and it will give you a "can-do" attitude, a sense that you can be a successful scholar, a belief in your own power to determine the future direction of your life.

Induction is not a single event. Throughout your first semester there is a huge emphasis placed on making sure you are confident about all the systems and procedures in place to support your learning. Our eLearning and IT systems, for instance, are introduced and explained during timetabled sessions. Your Personal Development Plan, crucial to your future success, is delivered during the workshops which appear on your timetable. Details on these and other important aspects of academic life will be explained during Induction.