Our Vision, Mission and Values

Building careers … Transforming lives … Raising aspirations

Our Vision is to be:

  • An accessible, transformational and innovative provider of high-quality UK higher education courses in Accounting, Business and Law as measured by our students, staff, academic partners and external stakeholders.

Our Mission is to:

  • Build rewarding careers for our students and our staff.
  • Transform our students' lives through the provision of a high-quality educational experience within an academic community which promotes learning and personal development.
  • Raise the aspirations of our students to become independent and critical learners, to achieve their full potential and to make valuable contributions to society.
  • Raise the aspirations of our staff by developing, supporting and empowering them to deliver excellent teaching, research, student support and service provision.
  • Enhance our learning and working environment through the application of Servant Leadership principles, which promote kindness, ethical rigour, creativity and accountability.

Our Values are:

Accessibility and Supportiveness 

Providing equal and fair access to higher education for those who can demonstrate the ability to succeed. 

Excellence and Ambition

Continuously improving and enhancing our students’ educational experience.


Promoting an inclusive servant led community within which all our students and staff actively serve the needs of others.

Openness, Transparency and Honesty 

Operating ethically and with integrity in all our dealings with our students, staff, academic partners and external stakeholders.

St. Martins Business School - Corporate Plan