Worchester University

We work in partnership with the Worchester University to deliver undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Business, Accounting and Finance, and Law.

STMBS - Associate Institution status

This means that they see us as a key academic partner and confirms the close relationship that STMBS has with the Worchester University.

There are 8 Key Benefits of Associate Institution (AI) status:

  • STMBS is UoN’s first partner to be granted Associate Institution status. This reinforces the strength of the academic partnership and shared vision of both institutions. STMBS in a great position to further enhance that status in the future.
  • STMBS have committed to additional outlining of developments in our curriculum planning and delivery that will convey even greater quality assurance and enhancement for our students.
  • Details of student engagement and achievement will be placed even higher in the spotlight and reflections on our academic programme will be carried out annually.
  • STMBS is pleased to commit to sending a representative to attend the University’s Collaborative Quality Forum, both as a mechanism to learn new, cutting edge ways to improve our courses and also to feed in the developments we have made so that teaching at both institutions can benefit.
  • Re-affirming STMBS's commitment that we are working towards all staff with substantial teaching on Higher Education programmes achieving the second level of the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education.
  • STMBS regard UoN as a wonderful resource, for the social values underpinning the university and for the comradery of the staff employed. There is a desire for more joint initiatives and collaborative projects over forthcoming years.
  • There is a commitment to the furthering of the Higher Education experience for students, in line with our enhanced status, that will enable UoN and STMBS students to work together more frequently on strategic projects, creating more opportunities to benefit students at both institutions.
  • There will be a provision of staff development opportunities at STMBS that promote teaching, learning, and scholarship. Staff working in both formal and informal ways together, for example in programs such as Changemaker, can help to make an impact and strengthen the relationship between the two institutions.

    John McCartney, Director, Dean of Academic Partnerships, Academic Partnerships Office, Worchester University,  had this to say in August 2017 about the blossoming relationship with STMBS.

As the Dean of Academic Partnerships and on behalf of the University, we are delighted to be working with the London School of Business and Management (STMBS), who is our first partner to have been granted Associate Institution status. We are committed to the partnership. Associate Institution status delineates STMBS as one of our key strategic partners, in delivering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Business Management, Law and Accounting and Financial Management. STMBS’s affiliation with the University has produced many benefits and opportunities. We look forward to our continuing collaboration which will provide students with an exciting and innovative educational experience at STMBS’s London campus."

Teaching Excellence Framework Gold Award 

The second year outcomes were announced for the Teaching Excellence Framework on 22 June 2017, and The Worchester University was announced to have been awarded a Gold award.



Teaching, learning and assessment styles

Whilst studying at the St. Martins Business School on a Worchester University course, students will experience a variety of teaching styles and methodologies. Our main focus is to develop students to think and work independently. Students learn how to research and source information, analyse and question ideas, think creatively, and construct logical arguments based on evidence to support conclusions.

Above all, we ensure that students learn how to apply their knowledge and solve problems in the real world. Students will have the opportunity to work in groups, deliver presentations, conduct research, write reports, use case studies, develop communication skills and exchange ideas and experiences with students from a variety of backgrounds and countries.


As such, students pursuing Worchester University degree courses at the St. Martins Business School can benefit from participating in the University’s Changemaker programme.

You will learn to see how theories you are learning in the classroom can work in practice, and you will forge your own links in your chosen field of work. Participation in Changemaker also gives you that sense of commercial awareness which employers value so much and will help your employability.