Student Feedback

We value the opinions of our students and take all of their comments seriously. Many initiatives and improvements have been carried out in direct response to feedback from our students. We encourage students to contribute by discussing issues of importance with their Student Academic Representative (STAR).

Students are also invited to express their views in the Student Module Evaluation Questionnaire (SMEQ) at the end of each semester. Recent feedback obtained via the SMEQs has included the following comments from our students:

  • "The module helped a lot in real life and provided me with many skills for continued studying."
  • "The best thing about this module is the knowledge gained about business and how to manage business."
  • "The lecturer teaches well and ensures that all students are up to speed. He also offers help when needed. Overall I wouldn't change the module."
  • "The module was exciting and useful."
  • "The module content can easily be related to the real world. A lot useful of information."
  • "The best thing is that we had the best lecturer!"
  • "I enjoyed it. It was a great experience for me and I have learnt a lot. The lecturer is amazing."
  • "The lecturer’s approach and teaching are exceptional; I always look forward to the next class."
  • "The lecturer really takes the time to help every student to understand the work as best as he can. He has inspired me to work hard within the module by checking my work and suggesting ways of improvement. I found his presentations to be very informative and helpful when completing my assignments. He is a credit to the Institution."
  • "The module improved my skills and my reflective thinking."
  • "Study materials were accessible and easy to read."
  • "The subject has taught me a lot and the lecturer was extremely helpful in allowing me to understand what was required from the assignments."
  • "The lecturer presented the module well and thus allowed each student to understand the concept and aims of the module."
  • "One of the best things about this module is that it encourages students to read and understand, and then to extend their knowledge to other students."
  • "I honestly enjoy the lectures and how the content is delivered."
  • "The module is well structured and the computer lab is well equipped."
  • "I am very happy with this course."