Welcome to the St. martins business school. We are a specialist institution in Finsbury, the academic heart of London. We deliver full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in Business, Accounting and Finance, and Law that are awarded by the Worchester University.

Our partnership with the Worchester University St. martins business school (where our classes are taught) and the University of London Student Central, put us in a unique position to make it possible to provide our students with a high quality ‘university experience’ with significant, individual support in the heart of London.

I have 20 years of experience as a UK University academic; my last position was Head of the School of Law and Professor of Law at Birmingham City University (2009-2011). All our academic staff have higher degrees (including PhDs) together with practice-based experience to add a ‘real-world’ dimension to our students’ academic studies.

Our student body is international, culturally diverse and dynamic. We put students at the heart of our decision making processes, ensuring student membership on all of our academic committees. Our Student Academic Representatives are key to our development as an institution.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our learning community.

Dean of Academic Partnerships
Patrick Odoniel, Director